Past Winners

2017 Winners

SwineTech Logo

1st Place

The University of Iowa

Matthew S. Rooda, Abraham J. Espinoza

SwineTech, Inc. provides farmers with the necessary technologies to increase revenues and productivity by reducing piglet deaths due to starvation, disease, and crushing.

Inventory Connection Logo

2nd Place

Carnegie Mellon University

John Lipari, Kerolos Mikaeil

Inventory Connection’s service provides Direct Store Delivery (DSD) sales representatives with real-time inventory information allowing to them stock their supermarket's shelves better.

Kulisha Logo

3rd Place

University of Michigan

Eric Katz, Viraj Sikand, Maya Faulstich-Hon

Kulisha is a for-profit agriculture technology (agritech) company that is developing a proprietary system that enables wastewater treatment plants to integrate black soldier fly larvae (BSFL) into their processes.

Ophthalmos Logo

3rd Place

Johns Hopkins University

Akash Premkumar, Pranay Orugunta, Michael Murphy, Christine Adib, Srisha Kotlo

Ophthalmos is developing reliable, ergonomic, and cost-effective solutions to patients with chronic intraocular pressure-based diseases such as chronic hypotony and persistent glaucoma.

2016 Winners

Sensytec Logo

1st Place

University of Houston

Kevin Cho, Dylan Senter, Nick Ravanbakhsh, Anudeep Reddy

With our technology, it is now possible to retrieve and analyze critical data on cement and concrete at any point in a structure. This previously inaccessible data can be used to directly prevent incidences such as the 2010 BP oil spill. The environmental damage, financial upset, and fatal human consequence of this incident and others like it, could have all been avoided with the right data alert. Our goal is to use this data to ensure that unexpected cement failures are no longer a liability in any industry.

e.e. books Logo

2nd Place

Carnegie Mellon University

Eleanor Haglund

e. e. books, a company changing the publishing landscape of enhanced e-books, is developing software that enables writers to easily create media-rich e-books for electronic reading devices.

WorkSphere Logo

3rd Place

University of Arizona

Daniel Dicochea, Timothy Wolfe, Dante Egger, Chaoying Yan, Ivan Mendez-Gonzalez

WorkSphere enhances productivity, accountability, and communication while reducing IT costs for Field Service and Retail Companies. Our first product integrates practical applications such as activity logs, scheduling, and employee tracking tools into employees’ mobile devices. Up from 45% in 2016, 85% of companies are expected to implement Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs by 2020. This 40% growth in the industry creates a prime opportunity for WorkSphere to provide these services through easy-to-use and efficient mobile software solutions.

2015 Winners

uDIYu Logo

1st Place

Princeton University

Sreela Kodali, Soumya Sudhakar

Sreela Kodali is an electrical engineering student at Princeton University and Soumya Sudhakar is a civil and environmental engineering student at Princeton University. They first met at the NJ Governor’s School of Engineering and Technology, a selective summer high school program, and became friends over a technology and public service class and various engineering projects. Together, Sreela and Soumya are excited to introduce uDIYu, an interface between hardware peripheral sensors and smartphone software with the potential to dramatically increase the smartphone’s capability to solve today’s problems.

LatteMatic Logo

3rd Place

Carnegie Mellon University

Michael Mawhinney, Gautam Swamynathan

Michael Mawhinney is a business student with a concentration in entrepreneurship. He brings in-depth knowledge of the local entrepreneurship scene, and has had experience working with startups in the area. Michael is an avid fan of baseball, and loves the Pittsburgh Pirates. Gautam Swamynathan is a chemical engineering student at the University of Pittsburgh. He brings technical knowledge of the chemistry and processes used in coffee extraction. In his spare time, Gautam enjoys playing basketball and composing music.

2014 Winners

Arizona State University

Kalanchoe is a personal security watch offering young women a trendy, user friendly, and highly effective way to stay safe.

Carnegie Mellon University

Joel Lu, Morgan Culbertson, Lizi Ottens

Captions, a new application for wearable glasstechnology, displays translated subtitles for any spoken foreign language before our user’s eyes.

Grove City College

Chadwyck Cobb, Luke Swadener, Noah Walk

The ARCH Accessory offers a proprietary solution to the inherent ergonomic design flaw in all AR-style rifles and increases safety, efficiency, and user compatibility.

Carnegie Mellon University

Nathaniel Eliason, Kate Vogt, Zachary Bush

Tailored Fit is a shopping service that makes clothing recommendations based on past behavior. As users like and dislike pieces of clothing we create a detailed profile of what they’re looking for.

Northwestern University

Aakash Shah, Aditya Mazmudar, Owais Ansari, Sami Hashmi

MedCap offers a cost-effective pill usage monitoring system to be used as a solution for non-adherence and drug overdose.

The Ohio State University

Yifan Chen

EvoCarry is designed to made carrying plastic bags easier by providing a painless, hands free, and more efficient solution.

Carnegie Mellon University

Dennis Begos, Peter Pacent, Vinay Viswanathan

OpenGrid is a web and mobile applications allowing consumers to monitor and track their energy consumption, see analytics about their energy usage, and receive quantitative suggestions on how to reduce their energy consumption.

2013 Winners

Universitat Pompeu Fabra

Carlos Segura Ruiz

Xerkie is the first marketplace where artisits, organizers/venues, and music lovers can interact. Through the marketplace, Xerkie will allow artists to develop their brand image, organizers/venues to fill unmet demand, and music lovers to support and discovers artists.

Carnegie Mellon University

Phillip Etling, Jayant Bhambhani, Addison Hunt

Ujuzi is a new-born Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) educational venture aimed at improving educational analytics. Ujuzi‘s learning analytics pinpoint individual student misunderstanding as he or she solves problems step by step.

Chadwyck Cobb, Chesterton Cobb, Erika Bastian, Liz Wilson, Noah Walker

SetTrek, a mobile app, alleviates the ignorance of tourists to previously unexplored movie set locations in New York City. Friends will race to discover film locations, recreate shots, and unlock the hideouts actors used while they were on set.